How To Play

After downloading Emoji Phrase, the first question is presented before you. Each test question combines the usage of emoji with words. You will see idioms, lyrics, quotes and a variety of other assorted goodies.

Your objective is to take the words, combine them with the emoji and figure out the missing word to complete the level. Your answer is predicated on the letters that are in your rack, which is located under the question. Spell out your answer to see if you have advanced to the next level.

After passing several questions, you will advance to the next level. Each level has been broken down into several test questions, which you must complete, in order to advance to a higher level.

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Emoji Phrase Answers

Emoji Phrase is the latest game from the makers of the original emoji-based game, Emoji Pop Quiz. The object of the game is to solve puzzles with common phrases, quotes, song lyrics and more. The clues will have a mixture of words and emojis, along with a hidden word. Use the letters provided to solve for the hidden word to solve the level. If you get stuck, Emoji Phrase Answers is here to help. We have the cheats for every single level of the game and add new levels as soon as they are released by the developer.